EntityAttribute Class Reference


Renders a custom field.

Possible types:

Currency - A currency field
Date - A date and time in the format 2012-09-12 09:50:20
Email - An e-mail address
Enum - A enumerated (i.e. decision) field
Location - A physical location (e.g. mailing address)
Phone - A phone number
String - A plain, short string
Text - A longer string
Url - A URI

Protected Member Functions

 _render ($entityAttribute)
 Renders a custom field. More...

Member Function Documentation

_render (   $entityAttribute)

Renders a custom field.

"name": "shipping_type",
"position": 3,
"isMultiple": true, // whether or not multiple values are allowed
"type": "Enum",
"enumElements": [ "UPS", "FedEx", "DHL" ] // only present for Enum types